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Why do I have to wear fixed braces?
Out of functional and/or aesthetic reasons.

What is the procedure to start orthodontic treatment?
First visit:
-specialist exam and discussion about the case, the requirements, needs and possibilities of therapy;
-imprint of teeth;
- orthopan recording(digital imaging of teeth and both jaws).
Second visit after 2-3 days:
-results of orthodontic analysis and braces setup that lasts up to 30 minutes.

What makes up a fixed braces?
From the elements (braces) that are fixed to the teeth and wire passing through the braces and covers all teeth.

What kind of braces should I wear?
After your orthodontist confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan, you can choose metallic or transparent braces. In some cases, we use and lingual braces.

What are lingual braces?
It's orthodontic braces that are placed on the inside of teeth.

How much does orthodontic treatment costs?
See: price list.

How often I have to come to checkups?
The checks are every 8 weeks (if necessary longer or shorter periods).

How long is a check?
Three to ten minutes.

How long does orthodontic treatment lasts?
In most cases about two years. Some cases are shorter and some longer, depending on the complexity.

Does orthodontic treatment hurts?
No. The first few days teeth become sensitive (numb, ice). After few days this feeling disappears.

What follows after removing the fixed braces?
After the therapy comes the phase of stabilization and retention

Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment?
No. As long as there are teeth in the mouth, orthodontics can be helpful.

What are the payment options?
Cash, credit cards, installment…

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